StemRNA™ Neuro MQ Medium

Accelerate your research

Generate mature, functional neurocytes faster 

StemRNA™ Neuro MQ Medium is a high performance culture medium designed for robust detection of spontaneous electrical action potentials of human neurons when analyzed by using Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) instrumentation. “MQ” means MEA-Qualified, referring to a critical Quality Control step for certification of the medium. A key component of StemRNA Neuro MQ Medium is the added supplement of rat astrocyte-conditioned medium.
Consequently, the magnitude and the frequency of spontaneous electrical activity of the neurons in culture is significantly enhanced. This can be of benefit when investigating the in vitro modulation of electrical activity by drugs or other factors.

Compared with conventional media, the benefits of culturing your cells in Neuro MQ include:

  • Earlier presentation of a mature cell phenotype.
  • Increased cellular response to stimulation at earlier time-points.
  • Presentation of differentiated cell function as early as two weeks post-differentiation.

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